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Dreams Through Art


As a Ceramist:

Since 2003, I have been doing Ikebana, the Japanese floral arrangement at the Sogetsu School in Mexico City . There is an annual exhibition, where I used to participate.

I had been looking for new and different vases for my Ikeba

na arrangements, so in 2008, I began another adventure. This time, I became involved in doing ceramics. As I said, I began with vases, and have continued with sculptures and other pieces of art at MOA, Mokichi Okada Art in Mexico City.  The professor, María Luisa Rivas, has helped me with the technique and allowed me to make better ceramic pieces

In order to continually improve upon my ceramic pieces, in 2015 I began to take courses and experiment with many types of clay and enamel at Taller Experimental de Cerámica (https://www.ceramicadiazdecossio.com.mx ) in Mexico City. The professor, Alberto Diaz De Cossio, has guided me to use different clay mixtures, as well as enamel mixtures and colors.

As a Psychotherapist:

I began my career as an Industrial Psychologist. I received my degree at the Universidad de las Américas in Mexico City.

 Since 1993, I have continued my studies and my career as a Psychoanalyst. Subsequently, I learned about myths and Jungian Theory at Pacifica Graduate Institute.(https://www.pacifica.edu ).  

Nowadays, I have a private practice.

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