Pieces of Art

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Dreams Through Art


Making pieces of pottery has allowed me to express a great variety of my thoughts and feelings. Most of the pieces I have made centered around specific dreams that attracted my attention and inspired me to bring them to the physical world.

Dreams serve as an entry to the unconscious, a pathway to the deepest part of us. They represent messages, needs, sensations and feelings of our own soul.40. Dancing Triangle up

When I began working with ceramics, I had already been working with Ikebana (the Japanese art of floral arrangement); so, my ceramic pieces have had a lot to do with my Ikebana projects.

Nowadays, I make pieces that represent some amazing dreams. Some consist of animals, such as serpents, lions, cats, dogs, birds, etc.

I am surprised to observe that when I create shapes, it is as if I wasn’t guiding my hands, but instead, they are magically working by themselves.

In this site, I will share most o28.Coiled Serpent upf my works of art with you. They are authentic and unique pieces that I hope you enjoy.


I make ceramics at Mokichi Okada Art (MOA https://www.moainternational.or.jp/en/intro/intro2.html ), the Japanese Cultural Center in Mexico (https://www.moa.edu.mx ). Most of the pieces are baked at 1240ºC, except the pieces that are called Raku, which are baked at 800ºC.

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