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Dreams Through Art 

Hello friends!

My name is Lily Santurtun. Welcome to my website, where I would like to share some of the clay pieces of art I have made.

Several years ago, when I was studying Jungian Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute https://www.pacifica.edu , I had some amazing dreams about different animals.
There, I learned that dreams are the soul’s expressions such as joy, pain, satisfaction, needs, security, fear and so on.

If we listen to those expressions, we really begin to live; in other words, we live consciously, as the soul frees and heals itself.A few years later, after an inspiring dream about a lioness and birds, I started to produce ceramic pieces at MOA, Mokichi Okada Art https://www.mo
in Mexico City. https://www.moa.edu.mx
Working with ceramics, I became enchanted by the mysterious and magical sense of creation. From an unformed clump of clay, one’s hands keep on moving until something begins to take a shape. It’s truly impressive

At this moment, I would like to show you some of these unique pieces of art that are available to the public.

I hope you enjoy them and have a great day! 

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